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We are the one stop shop for pet owners and animal lovers.

Whether you are looking for supplies for your dog, cat, bird, fish, or ferret, we can help you find exactly what you need for the animal in your life. You’ll find high quality pet supplies from respected brands at some of the most competitive prices online. Pamper your pets.

online pet storeAs the premier online pet products store in America, Pet Lovers Direct carries everything from treats to toys. We are 100% committed to constantly expanding our product selection and bringing you the latest and greatest in products and supplies for your pet.

Our pets do so much more than simply make us happy; they provide numerous health benefits such as improving self-esteem, reducing stress, and encouraging exercise. They give us so much that it is only fair that we return this unconditional love for them with nothing but the very best foods, products, and accessories. Spoil them with pet care products like nutritious foods and tasty snacks to help them grow healthy and strong.

Pet Lovers Direct offers a flat rate shipping of $12 to customers throughout the United States, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or feedback on our products!